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Walking through the Forest
Visitation to Juruá

First building in the Céu do Juruá Eco Village

Since l996, Padrinho Alfredo and a group from Céu of Mapiá are accomplishing periodic visits to the area of Juruá river to assist the growing spiritual demand in several cities, riverine villas and family houses, and to manage the development of an ecological villa. Starting in l998, those trips began to be accompanied by people interested in knowing the pioneering and original work of organizing spiritually and materially the development of Santo Daime groups inside the Amazon Forest. The experience was outstanding and intense to the point that starting from the following year (l999), several fardado groups traveled to Juruá.

For the year 2000, Padrinho Alfredo decided to enlarge those activities that are very important for the spiritual understanding of Santo Daime's work in this new age. The Church of Cruzeiro do Sul, the boat trip for Ipixuna, the visit to the Céu do Juruá Ecological Villa, the walking through the Forest and the spiritual works are part of a program of visits which is already in elaboration process, and will happen in the 2nd semester of 2000.

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"Firmeza" in Seringal Adélia

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