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Juruá Visions
Padrinho Alfredo

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art: Alfredo Gregório de Melo

"My purpose and objective to be working so hard to approach this place, is so much for the old memories of a cradle, of a very important material birth, as well as the cradle of a great spiritual birth, the birth of Sebastião's spiritual knowledge - my father. In this place, my father took many years attending needy people and working to educate his family.

I remember small things, but quite touching things, because we are talking about memories of my childhood that were kept there in that place. Only returning there as I returned, only working there as I worked, I can recall it. Then I am working on my foundations, expanding and clearing, examining well, with care, with a lot of calmness, with a lot of spiritual advice for me not to enter in a work without my Master's spiritual support, of our Doctrine, my father's.

I hope to make a true history, with clear explanations, not only for my people in Mapiá, but also for the people searching something new, the people following us and this doctrine from another countries, or from Brazil big cities and from the foreign capitals in Japan, in the United States and in Europe.

We are beginning a work there and we made the establishment of the place. We can already count with a battalion of humble people who will build that ecological villa and also serve to the people who come to visit us, making a natural and pleasant attendance so that the siblings or even tourist groups that are not linked to Santo Daime tcan help us to develop there without the fatigue, without the despair, without the annoyance of the money as a delay to our lives. I want to firm my word: I want this place to multiply our life, to multiply our health, our wisdom, our silence, our truth.

Therefore, be knowing those that could reach and hear this explanation that our work in Juruá is a slow work which won't interfere with Céu do Mapiá, won't weaken Céu do Mapiá. I hope that everyone can reach the understanding that this community model that my father did it is to be expanded to the rest of the Amazonian region and that Juruá is the first place to have the privilege of already receiving the first classes in that sense, to receive the first establishments, to prove and succeed the Céu do Mapiá model of community in another place ".

Alfredo Gregório de Melo

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