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Virtual Community
In launching the new proposal for the site of the Santo Daime Doctrine, we thought of creating a service that could attend our brotherhood in its communication needs, shortening the distance that normally separates us. It would be a way of taking advantage of the new technologies and unite a people that is already united through other connections.
What we are proposing is the use of a internet service offered by eGroups .This firm, in exchange to putting some footnote advertisements in the e-mails that will circulate among us, offers a well-prepared infra-structure for a "meeting place" where we can send and receive e-mails, schedule meetings, share files and photos, or program other private chat groups. Furthermore all the messages of the group will be stored in an easy-access place for future research (Daime list archive). (If you want details about the usefulness of our Virtual Community, click here).
To join our group, send an e-mail to, and you’ll receive the basic information. Questions? Talk to us

José Murilo Junior
Céu do Planalto - Brasília

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