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History of a Man from the Rainforest
by Lúcio Mortimer

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Spiritual Traditions - Africa meets Brazil in Florianópolis - 11/02/2006
Céu do Patriarca/ Sky of the Patriarch hosts Gogo Numzimane, the Zulu spiritual leader from South Africa.

UDV Santa Fe Church can serve the Sacred Tea in its Christmas service - 12/12/2004
Jonathan Goldman comments on the new legal victory obtained by UDV in the US. The Supreme Court granted the permission for the Santa Fe group to use ayahuasca tea as part of its services this Christmas.

The Ritual and Religious Use of Ayahuasca in Contemporary Brazil - 08/03/2002
New article published in the Archives section: Edward Macrae points out the essential Brazilian elements which formed the Rainforest Doctrine
"Before one can understand the functioning and the cultural significance of this religious group, one must take into account some of the particularities of Brazilian culture and religiosity. Brazilian society is the result of a rich mixture of European, Indian and African elements. The Portuguese colonization of the region concentrated itself mainly along the Atlantic coastline and although its influence extended itself into the interior and almost to the Andes, only recently have the distant frontier and Amazonian rainforest areas been fully integrated into the life of the nation."

A Visit to the Santo Daime
In November and December of 2003 there were many pilgrimages to the Daime Centers throughout Brazil. Here we present a report from one group that visited the modernity of urban Brasilia and the primeval forest of Amazonia.

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