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Might the Gods be Alkaloids
Alex Polari de Alverga

V. Conclusion

The thesis that we have elaborated through our exposition is that human self-consciousness owes a great deal to our ancestors’ contact with entheogenous plants. From this symbiosis with the cosmic intelligence of the plant mind, man strengthened his ego and risked venturing even further in search of himself. Consequently, he was led to God and to cosmic consciousness; he created religion.

We also spoke briefly about mystical states and focused on the "miração", the small jewel encrusted in the shaman’s consciousness.

All that remains, is to conclude saying that we believe all the more in the value of experience obtained from the entheogenous sacraments. By the same token, phenomena like the Native American Peyote Church in the U.S.A., the Bwiti religion in Central Africa, and the Ayahuasca and Santo Daime religions should become the object of greater respect. The followers of these authentic entheogenous religions confirm the foundations of their faith, through personal experience, thereby uniting their inner growth with their social responsibilities.

We would also like to point out the importance of continuing the rich dialogue between researches, men of science, and psycho-therapists, and various mystical currents. This union fills a gap, after recent generations lost the hope that Marxist and Freudian solutions, could unravel the enigma of human consciousness. This is because Marxism was overly confident in the supposition that consciousness is merely a result of social relations, as though man’s problems would all disappear if a fairer social order could be internalized within each individual. Psycho-analysis already erred when it over-estimated the benefits that sexual liberation would bring to humanity, having formulated this opinion because sexual liberation had cured various cases of hysteria, and was believed to have the ability to keep the consciousness of the ego a float. Yet, there was a series of other illnesses that could not be healed through this type of therapy.

Having disregarded libido and the struggle between the classes as possibilities for the motivating force behind history, all that was left was the computer chip, which would soon demonstrate its inability to promote human happiness. Finally, human consciousness can now assume the role that is and always has been its own. Thus, it continues being the theatrics stage where the events that reverberate throughout the universe are acted out.

It is, therefore, favorable to recognize that the number of people who have access to levels of mystical consciousness increases each day. Many of these people attain higher levels of consciousness through the shamanic tradition and the entheogenous religions. This suggests that the so-called "Entheogenous Reform" will become an authentic "Entheogenous Revolution" in the years to come. Revolution would here be understood, not as an externalizing of energy which is threatening to society, but as an authentic inner revolution, which brings regenerative influences to the whole planet.

If human evolution continues its course in the way that we think it will, the conquest of higher levels of consciousness, through entheogens, could be the foreshadowing of human consciousness in future times.

The "miração" and the process or inner work that it initiates in the human psyche and spirit is one of the tools for this evolution. Shortcuts are necessary when the distance we need to cover is great and the time at our disposal is brief.

Thank you

18 May 1996, Manaus

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