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The Official Calendar of Works
Céu do Mapiá
The Santo Daime doctrine's works are accomplished according to an official calendar, which defines the holidays and feasts of the daimistic year. The churches and centers around the world should follow the stipulated dates in way to integrate the positive current generated on these occasions.
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Day Feast Hinário Farda
07/Jan Pad. Alfredo's Birthday Pad. Sebastião White
19/Jan St. Sebastian Pad. Sebastião + Missa White
18/Mar St. Joseph Pad. Alfredo White
Thursday Holy Week Hinário dos Mortos Blue
Friday Holy Week Missa Blue
2º May
Mother's Day Mads. Rita, Julia
e Cristina
12/Jun St. Anthony Maria Brilhante White
23/Jun St. John Mestre Irineu White
25/Jun Mad. Rita's Birthday Pad. Sebastião White
28/Jun St. Peter Pad. Alfredo White
06/Jul Mestre Irineu's Death Teteo + Missa White
2º August
Father's Day Pad. Sebastião White
06/Out Pad. Sebastião's Birthday Mestre Irineu White
01/Nov Dia de Finados Hinário dos Mortos + Missa Blue
07/Dez N. S. da Conceição Mestre Irineu White
14/Dez Master Irineu's Birthday Pad. Sebastião White
24/Dez Jesus' Birthday Mestre Irineu White
31/Dez New Year Pad. Alfredo White
05/Jan Holy Kings Mestre Irineu White

On hinários days, the works begin at the sunset of the above stipulated dates, running through the whole night until the dawn of the celebrated day. It is good to remind that, besides the dates above, in everyday 15 and 30 of every month the traditional concentrations are accomplished according to Master Irineu's instruction.

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