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2000 Calendar
Madrid Center - Spain

The Santo Daime Center in Madrid, Spain (AMICA - So Joo Church), is producing a Calendar for the year 2000 illustrated with  Santo Daime's culture images from the rainforest. Seven beautiful colored pages with spiritual work days properly marked.
The project has two basic purposes:
  • To reinvest the collected resources collected in social projects developed by the Institute of Environmental Development - IDA, and
  • To reinvest in the infrastructure for new editorials projects to the bretherhood.

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wall calendar
30x50 cm

The value to be sent will vary accordin to the ordering place:
IMPORTANT: The site does not market products for profit. However, brotherhood members can develop projects involving the production of goods and services to the Santo Daime's Doctrine fardados and friends. Every product in this category  is considered DONATION INCENTIVE, a gift to the people willing to collaborate with our projects and the collected resources are considered donations, with its destination properly informed along with each product or service offered. Therefore, the presented value just shows the minimum ammount to cover the production expenses and to fund the projects of the Institute of Environmental Development Raimundo Irineu Serra (IDA) in the lower rate. It is up to the donor's criterion the total value to be sent, respecting the published minimum values.

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