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We count on some suggestions on how to use this section to foster the communication and interactivity in the fraternity.

Bulletin Board
On the apprehension of Santo Daime in Spain
The unfortunate events in Madrid impels the movement for the legalization of the Santo Daime Eclectic Church in Europe
All Fardados to the Group

Every Fardado should enroll in the new restricted group created in the eGroups site. Tell you friends.
Alex Polari reports about the Ayahuasca Conference,
in San Francisco

"Our "comitiva" sends regards to all brotherhood from San Francisco, where we were participating in the Ahyauasca Conference, an event that gathered more than eight hundred people for three days to listen to important specialists in several themes around Ahyauasca and also indigenous and mestizo xamans and members of the enteogenous religions."
A report from the new year in Céu do Mapiá
Contribution of Isabela Lara (, from Céu do Planalto in Brasilia, who have been in Céu do Mapiá during last January.
Products & Services
... and to the Santo Daime's Doctrine and Céu do Mapiá friends

Santo Daime 2000 Calendar
Calendar for the year 2000, produced by the Madrid center, illustrated with Santo Daime's culture images from the rainforest.

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