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Alex Polari reports about the Ayahuasca Conference,
in San Francisco

Our "comitiva" sends regards to all brotherhood from San Francisco, where we were participating in the Ahyauasca Conference, an event that gathered more than eight hundred people for three days to listen to important specialists in several themes around Ahyauasca and also indigenous and mestizo xamans and members of the enteogenous religions.

San Francisco, March 22, 2000

I had the opportunity to do a lecture on the conscience issue, and the importance of the visionary awareness as a scenery where we turn ourselves into protagonists of our own life and of our own destiny. I also approached the differences among the several forms of taking and working with the drink, recognizing the value of all paths, but defending the ritual use in the context of a tradition as being the original and most secure way.

The lecture was very well received, and we made contact with several specialists of that area of studies, exchanging e-mails, etc. We also made a good marketing of the site. It was important to develop that point, to present slides and films of our works in the Church of Mapiá, because in the USA is beginning growing a juridical work for the regulation of our sacrament in that country, following what is happening also in Europe.

We also had the opportunity to gather with our lawyers, representatives of points and friends in a climate of great union and confraternization. We still made a presentation of hymns of the Doctrine, that it was greeted effusively by the auditorium, and there was also the opportunity of a beautiful moment with a group of music of Silvia, who knows Baixinha.

We sang a music in her homage and later the hymn "I am the Light of God" that I gave her. We will be soon publishing in our Archives section the paper of the Conference. In the sequence of the trip, we will send more news.

Alex Polari


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