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Close contact with the authorities

The government authorities has surrendered to the evidence that the drink has been used for several decades in ritual practices, without any abnormality. Such practices has always played an integrative role in the usuaries and the environment in which they live, emphasizing the pacific and orderly conduct of the diverse accompanied sects members.

Due to all these, we now have the legitimate right to use our sacrament, in its appropriate context. The ripening of the usuary entities and its institutions constant improvement, has proved in the course of these last twelve years that the first CONFEN's counsel was substantially right. Still quoting Dr Domingos Bernardo's report:

"we could perceive clear conditions to the ahyauasca's and daimist's centers themselves to organize the most appropriate ways to mediate and control fortuitous excesses arisen in the private, familiar and social relations."

Following these directions since 1991, the diverse drink usuary entities, independently of its doctrinal and ritualistic differences, has been unifying around a principle letter that, despite its generic consensus, was an important step toward the establishment of basic common appointments to the self-regulation of the drink use by these entities.

The Santo Daime doctrine, in the way it's been expressed in the evolutionary eclecticism, is a Christian ecumenical religious practice that repudiates all forms of fanaticism, sectarianism, racism, and intolerance toward religions. Within the testimony of its conducts, its thousands followers have been proving that the ritualized ingestion of the Santo Daime and the social practice derived from of our spiritual work enlarges our perceptive, creative and cognitive capacities, helping us to assume our own personal and collective responsibilities. It constitutes, furthermore, in a prophylactic and therapeutic agent, in service of the human awareness refinement and expansion.

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