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Institutional History

Our Church is an almost 30 year-old sprout been born from the trunk of our shade giving tree: Master Raimundo Irineu Serra. After the Master's passage, Sebastião Mota de Melo lifted his Church in the place denominated Colony Five Thousand in Rio Branco, Acre. In 1974, the Eclectic Center of the Fluent Universal Light Raimundo Irineu Serra was recorded at the registry office of that city and its first statutes, eminently regionalist, were published.

In 1989, during the first Encounter of the daimista churches in Céu do Mapiá, the new Statute of CEFLURIS was approved, transforming it into an entity with national scope. That statute was more advanced than the first and it already foresaw the unfolding of the entity at the international level.

We continued to adjust and correct it until the ripening of our present institutional project. The decades of 80 and 90 brought us the consolidation of the process of legalization of our sacrament and institutionalization of our religious movement, besides several demands and experiences in the social and environmental area.

In 1994 new studies and consultations began, on the part of the Management then elected, aiming at formulating the new and definitive institutional format. In 1997, during the IX Encounter of the Churches in the Community Sky of the Mountain in Mauá (in the forest of Rio de Janeiro state), we consecrated the beginning of the separation of the Spiritual/Religious part from the Social/Financial/Administrative one. The juridical embryos of a Church and of a Non Governmental Organization were created in that same opportunity.

In July of 1998, in the X Encounter, it was recorded the foundation of our Church of Santo Daime, now denominated Church of the Eclectic Cult of the Fluent Universal Light. It is responsible for our Shamanic, Esoteric and Christian Church; it must also produce our sacrament; manage our gardens of cultivation of the sacred plants and realize the spiritual works scheduled in our Official Calendar.

Our social work, in the national forest of the Purus river where our community dwells, became responsibility of the Institute for Environmental Development IDA CEFLURIS, created for that purpose.

In spite of basically congregating the daimista siblings and giving support to the Church of the Eclectic Cult, the attributions of the Institute are not of a religious nature. It deals with the social and environmental issues of our forest community village and assists a very poor population that lives in the banks of the rivers around. It adds to almost two thousand people. (link: objectives of the Institute). In the spiritual foundations of our Doctrine, we consecrate Nature, our Mother-Earth, the Divine beings that inhabit the Forest and the sacred plants we use as sacraments.

Consequently, we consider the environmental and preservationist issues as part of our spiritual exploration. In that way we are seeing the increase of our Church in all corners of the globe in a religious and cultural ecumenical manifestation of great meaning, promoting the Amazon and its cultural traditions.

Meanwhile, through our Institute, we are having a rich experience and a great chance of entering in contact with the wealth and the diversity of the Amazon, its potential for the future and the inherent drama that today is represented by the clouds of uncertainty that surround that great ecosystem and that is directly lived by the traditional populations.

See also: Current Institutcional Configuration

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