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High-Cost Charity

The social assistance and charity work and the derived spiritual demand brought about by the Santo Daime introduction in the urban context originated new problems, new reflections and challenges. In the late 70's, the Daime has turned into an alternative and in many proven cases, a solution to several symptoms and illnesses of this huge civilization crisis of the millenium end.

Thus, the centers begun to attend morean more cases of gravelly sick/ill people, with behavior disturbances, mental sequel or which had their personalities seriously damaged, mainly due to affective disorders or familiar traumas. In the most of the cases, they were people who were abandoned by their families or strongly rejected in affection by them. Which used to look for support in spiritualist and charity centers, as ours, once they had no others to appeal.

With no doubt, in the current state of the now-a-day's crises, practice the charity and help this kind of people, as Jesus has made, continue constituting a high-cost charity. Among generations of healthy and pacific daimists and thousands of cases of well-succeeded usuaries, which had cures and diverse documented benefits, part of the media decided to explore, in a sensationalistic way, some few cases in which the resulting facts couldn't have been attributed, in any aspect, to the Daime.

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