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This area of our site is reserved to publish the initiatives of communities' formation around the Santo Daime's Doctrine works. Here you find basic information about the main community founded by Padinho Sebastião, Céu do Mapiá, and the other initiatives of reproduction of the "social laboratory" model where the teachings received during the works using our sacramental drink can be put into practice through daily life.

We count on the contribution of the fraternity in the composition of the sections destined to the other community groups that are being organized around Santo Daime's Doctrine, as taught by Padrinho Sebastião. The objective is to integrate efforts and to share common experiences, wich can be useful for the existent communities' development, and also for to appearance of new groups.

pademocas.jpg (12142 bytes) Formerly, in times when Padrinho Sebastião was still alive, the community was organized in quite equalitarian terms. There was a common storeroom and it reigned a type of primitive Christian socialism.

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