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Céu do Mapiá Community

The community of Céu do Mapiá is located in the jungle river stream of Mapiá, tributary of the Purus river at the National Forest of Purus, in the tropical region of the Brazilian western Amazon. This area is situated more specifically in the south of the State of Amazonas, near State of Acre, land of Chico Mendes. The community has a legal association of dwellers – "AMVCM"- which controls and manages both National Forests – National Forest of Purus and the National Forest of Mapiá – Inauiní, contiguous and only separated by the banks of the river Inauní. The nearest urban area is the river port of Boca do Acre, located at the whole mouth of the Acre river, with the Purus river, both navigable during the whole year. Boca do Acre is endowed with telecommunications, hotels, airport and it is linked to Rio Branco, capital of Acre, by a road of 200 Kms.

The National Forest above was legitimized by Presidential Decree, as an area of social and economic interest. The Brazilian Government guarantees to the extractive communities of these forest, authorization to celebrate agreements seeking the conservation and protection of both National Forests. ponte.jpg (10958 bytes)

After years of human settlement (since 1983), the inhabitants of "Céu do Mapiá" achieved, with much effort, a much higher social and economic standard than its neighbors. The community manages its own means for survival and presents a practical pattern of self-sustainment. Céu do Mapiá can even be very useful as an example for other tropical communities struggling for the conservation of the flora and fauna in the Amazon and also attends people in need from neighboring communities who go to the Céu do Mapiá in search of help and assistance.

In order to improve and continue its efforts towards conservation, the community of "Céu do Mapiá" is searching for financial partners who are willing to collaborate in other economic and social projects available for these National Forest.

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