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The doctrine's new frontier in the forest

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Juruá Visions: Padrinho Alfredo
Walking through the forest

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Pad. Alfredo e sua
equipe no Juruá

After traveling for more than one decade throughout Brazil and several countries of the world showing Master Irineu's doctrine for everyone to see, Alfredo Gregório de Melo, Padrinho Alfredo, begins, in l996 July, his first visit to the area of Juruá river, an Amazon river afluent, beginning a "returning home" movement. Alfredo was born in Seringal Adélia, medium Juruá, and at the age of 7, he moved with his parents to Rio Branco, Acre State Capital, where he met Master Irineu and Santo Daime's doctrine.

The return to the origins, after 40 years of absence, starts a new phase of his work of spiritual indoctrination:

  • the expansion of the Doctrine in the amazon forest;
  • a new experience of sustainable development in an ecologic community;
  • and unmasking mysteries and secrets of the nature through the contact with people and places.

The great spiritual encounter occurred revealed the various dimensions of this work in the amazon forest, that includes socioeconomic subjects yet to be resolved, short term resources to continue the ongoing projects: ecoturism, reforestation, subsistence agriculture, community establishment, health attendance, among others.

By now there are Santo Daime groups existing in Cruzeiro do Sul, Rodrigues Alves and Ipixuna, riverine cities of the Juruá river. It is also happening the contact with indigenous tribes which, through the knowledge of the Santo Daime Doctrine, are rescuing their spiritual roots.

Seringal Adélia, cradle of Padrinho Sebastião's family and of Madrinha Rita, was acquired from the old boss and landlord. On that same place was born the Céu do Juruá Ecological Village.

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