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Visits to Céu of Mapiá
Amazonas - Brasil


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In spite of being an open community, in an area of ecological visitation, the characteristics of our religious life and the difficult access to our village requests that all those who want to visit the National Forest and our community, have to contact (click here) us to receive qualified information.

Through an cooperative effort of our Institute for Social and Environmental Development and Ibama (Brazilian Federal Agency for Environment Protection), our area will soon be qualified to promote several activities in the area of the National Forest.

If you are a Fardado and associated to the Church of the Ecletical Cult of Cefluris or to our Institute of Social and Environmental Development, enroll in our group (Virtual Community), and you will have access to updated information on the reception procedures and clerkship for visits to the Céu do Mapiá.

  • If you want information on the work of our Association and Institute, it can come back for Community and to have a small summary of the projects in courses in our Flona and in our communities, and the possibility of to know them and to give supports them.

  • If you are interested in more information on our Church, on the spiritual work developed starting from the ingestion of the sacramental and entheogenous drink Santo Daime - Ahyauasca, click to obtain authorized addresses (for now, only brazilian addresses)

  • Important: We would like to remind that, given the institutional characteristics of our religious movement, we don't have any interest in doing proselytism or motivating visits with uncertain reasons and / or objectives. It is recommended that those interested in the Santo Daime Doctrine and the Céu do Mapiá Community to seek the properly constituted and authorized centers for the orientations and reasonable procedures.

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