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Main Projects Seeking Partnership

The Social Priorities for the Village of Céu do Mapiá:

  • Health Care: The medical post of the village Céu do Mapiá is now in lack for a certain number of essential medical needs, particularly the ones concerning the endemic diseases of the Amazon tropical forest, such as malária, leishmaniose, hepatitis, and many verminosis. The medical post needs more medical equipment, medicine pills and more material resources in order to establish a preventive medicine pattern for its growing population and improve the research of local herbs and pharmaceutical native plants. This problem is essential. It is now a priority to continue the successful experience of self-sustainable development of this National Forest.
  • Sanitation: Aim to establish healthy living conditions for its population. Today, the main objective in the village is to try keeping the rivers clean of any type of pollution such as soaps, plastic, cans, food waste, excremental matter and oil from the boats. With the increasing population in the village, we have to improve sanitary techniques, adapted to the Amazonian environment. Most of the investments should improve dry organic cesspits, and a sustainable management of the garbage, including a particularly attention on the pollution waste such as batteries, of great use in the village for flash ligths.
  • Education: Aim to enlarge the awareness of the people of the forest towards a responsible environmental care and an ecological conservation of the forest. Most of the sanitary problems, mentioned above, would be avoided with a serious education program. The school should also improve the knowledge of technologies adapted to the amazonian environment. It should also enlarge its capacity for teaching more students, creating the secondary school, and a technical school. Other sources of education should be experience such as school televisions and video courses.

Economic Projects for a Successful Self-Sustainble Development:

  • Dry Bananas "Queen of the Forest": It tends to continue the production and trade in national and international markets of dry bananas.

  • Extractive Products and its Co-operative Society: Participation in Co-operative iniciatives based in Boca do Acre, structuring the trade of all extractive products of the National Forests.

  • Reforestation in the Banks of the River Stream: Aim to establish a permanent process of reforestation in the margins of the river.

  • Cachoeira Project: Creation of Institute of Research and Forestal Extension and it aims to reforestation in the margins of the river.

  • Rubber Project: Extract rubber to produce rubber sheets in order to manufactured trading articles such as: bags, purses, shoes etc...

  • The House of Handicraft: Aim to improve the factory of sewing and weaver’s loom, in more dynamic structure, in order to increase employment and trade.

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