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New Journey to Jurua

Pad. Alfredo is once again visiting the communities of Jurua and inviting those who are motivated to join him in a pilgrimage of ecological splendor, Santo Daime rituals and community service.

July 10 - Saturday Arrive in Cruzeiro do Sul
July 11 - Sunday Spiritual Work in Cruzeiro do Sul
July 12 - Monday Boat trip to Ipixuna
July 13 - Tuesday Continue by boat to Seringal Adelia (the docking place for the Village of Ceu do Jurua)
July 14 - Wednesday Walk to Estorrões (the main living and working area of the Village of Ceu do Jurua)
July 15 - Thursday Concentration Work and opening the ritual for the making of the Santo Daime (Feitio)
July 16 - Friday Making the Santo Daime (Feitio)
July 17 - Saturday Healing Work (Cura)
July 18 - Sunday Rest day
July 19 - Monday Community work and continuation of the Feitio
July 20 - Tuesday Walk in the forest and continuation of the Feitio
July 21 - Wednesday Healing Work (Cura) in the forest
July 22 - Thursday Continuation of the Feitio
July 23 - Friday Conclusion of the Feitio
July 24 - Saturday Healing Work (Cura)
July 25 - Sunday Visit to the settlement of Igarape
Preto and a lunch of friendship and farwell.
July 26 - Monday Leave the community and travel to Ipixuna
July 27 - Tuesday Arrival in Ipixuna and White Table Work (Mesa Branca)
July 28 - Wednesday Travel from Ipixuna to Cruzeiro do Sul
July 29 - Thursday Arrival in Cruzeiro do Sul
July 30 - Friday Concentration Work in the community of Rodrigues Alves
July 31 - Saturday End of trip.
  Click here to see photos and some reports from recent visitors ("A Visit to the Santo Daime")
  NOTE: All contacts for information and registration should be made by email to

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