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Spiritual Traditions – Africa meets Brazil in Florianópolis
Céu do Patriarca/ Sky of the Patriarch hosts Gogo Numzimane, the Zulu spiritual leader from South Africa.

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Florianópolis - Gogo Numzimane will be at the Patriarch Saint Joseph Community from February 25th through the 28th. The Zulu spiritual leader and teacher will leave her tribe in South Africa to come to Brazil for the first time to present and share her spiritual knowledge from the Amazioni tradition. This doctrine integrates ancient and traditional African teachings with those of Christ.
Msho Gladys Mazibuko, her “civil” name, is a Zulu sangoma – traditional spiritual healer and traditional medical practitioner. To be a sangoma is to open your heart and being to God and your fellow human beings and to shine the divine within as a light to the world. Her ancestors for many generations were sangomas, her mother was a sangoma, and her father was an inyanga or traditional herbalist. She grew up harvesting, preparing and administering herbal medicine and African healing to her parents' many patients.
She then trained as Thokoza sangoma, and has been practicing as a Thokoza for 12 years. Thokozas, like Gogo Numzimane and her disciple Gogo Dom de Bruin – who is also coming to Brazil, are very strong with Mandawu or water spirits. They most significantly do prayer, energy channeling work and sometimes body work as their central approach, as well as water healing ceremonies at rivers or the ocean. Thokoza healing techniques include "throwing the bones" - their system of divination, mostly used as diagnostic tool before a prescribed treatment, reflecting patterns in the consciousness of the patient and the state of their relationships with their ancestors and soul guides. They use a wide variety of herbal medicines and treatments to restore balance on physical, emotional, spiritual and social levels.

The use of ceremony and ritual is also employed here. The use of sound via traditional songs, drums and dancing is an integral part of all Thokosa healing work. Sometimes forms of traditional shiatsu and pressure point body work is administered. The requirements of each patient varies.

As the world is changing, and unifying, many trainees from other non-African spiritual and shamanic paths have been initiated as Thokozas by Gogo Numzimane and many of these teachings and ways have been woven into the traditional African path, creating a new form yet still rooted in African traditions.
Please call the community center if you are interested in this holy event, telephone number +55 48 3269.5514 or e-mail Previous reservation is needed for those that want to be housed in the community.


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