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This area of our site is reserved to publish the news from the Santo Daime communities connected to Ceu do Mapia - Amazonas - Brasil.

UDV Santa Fe Church can serve Sacred Tea
The Supreme Court sided Friday with a New Mexico UDV church that granted the use of ayahuasca tea as part of its services this Christmas.
Another step on the path of recognition in the US
Jonathan Goldman comments on the small legal victory obtained by UDV, when a federal appeals court ruled its use of the sacrament was likely to be protected under religious-freedom laws.
Canada: clarifying the case of Juan Uyunkar
The intention of this letter is to clarify discrepancies in documents previously posted on the Santo Daime web site.
Letter of Juan Uyunkar to the Santo Daime people
"I want to tell you all that after the court hearing, the sacred medicines Natem (Ayahuasca) and Tobacco came out clean in the end."
Canada: the Uyunkars' sentence
The following information is provided by Hugues Bonenfant who was present at the judicial process of the Uyunkars, April 24th and 25th of 2003, Manitoulin Island, province of Ontario, Canada.
US Federal Court Rules in favor of UDV
Uniao Do Vegetal (UDV), won a major legal victory on Monday (August 12, 2002), when a federal court ruled that the group’s use of ayahuasca was likely protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). 
Alliance among the native sacraments
Enio Staub visits Mexico and confirms encounter of religious entities that use entheogens as sacrament in Céu do Mapiá in February 2003
Call for the North Regional "Feitio" in Manaus
With the presence of members of Cefluris direction, the "feitio" in Manaus - starting on June 8th - can be a good option of work for those who will be traveling to Céu do Mapiá for the Festival.
Court decision in the Netherlands now effective under law - 06/05/2001
Hans Bogers informs that the prosecutor had not used his right to appeal the verdict about the religious use of ayahuasca in the Netherlands. This means that the verdict is solid and effective, opening the way for other European countries to take on the challenge for the legalisation of our religion.
See how Santo Daime won its freedom in Holland - 05/30/2001
Here goes the resumed version of the sentence listing the legal considerations the Dutch court examined for the acquittal of the Santo Daime Church in Amsterdam.

see also: Geraldine Fijnemann - The Story (by a Brazilian national newspaper)
Freedom for Santo Daime in Holland - 05/21/2001
An historical decision in Amsterdam makes official the Santo Daime religion in the European Community. The fraternity is commemorating all over the world.

UN: Ayahuasca is FREE - 04/16/2001
A letter from the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board states clearly that Ayahuasca is not under international control.
Follow up: Dutch Santo Daime Court Case - 04/04/2001
Arno Adelaars, directly from the Ayahuasca Internet forum, send the latest information about the legal situation in Holland.
Santo Daime legal situation in Holland - 03/28/2001
Hans Bogers send detailed information about the the legal situation in Holland, and a detailed overview of the court proceedings during the trial on March, 23rd.
Julgamento do Santo Daime em Amsterdã - 03/08/2001
Pareceres do processo são favoráveis, e decisão pode ser importante para a legalização na Europa



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