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Visits to Céu of Mapiá
Amazonas - Brasil

. If this is your first visit, please check the information carefully.

You should also consult maps and compare access routes. If you are already a 'veteran' on this journey, we ask for your help and useful information. We'll write you soon with the necessary confirmations.

We thank you in advance for your visit and wish you a good trip!

Number associated:
Residential address:
ZIP Code:


Are you travelling alone?
Number in party (specify if minors)

  • Date trip began / Place of origin:
  • Other places / centers you wish to visit on your trip:
  • Date of return:

About ticket purchases

  • Do you have your own travel agent?
  • Would you like a suggested itinerary from Rio Branco to Céu do Mapiá?

Staying in Rio Branco

The city offers an active commerce and attractive hotels and restaurants. The presence of an intense spiritual life makes it possible to visit with sister-organizations that use our sacrament. Colônia 5000, now under the administration of the Padrinho Sebastião Foundation, is open to receive all visitors and offers, during the Festival season, special programs, with community activities; workshops on agriculture and agro-forestry; instruction sessions; therapy with techniques of self-knowledge and meditation, and spiritual services.

Come get acquainted with the cradle of our Doctrine!

Arriving in Rio Branco (choose the option):

  • I have my own accomodations and transportation to Boca do Acre
  • I opt for the Céu do Mapiá Express package
  • I need only greeting assistance: airport arrival / directions

From Rio Branco to Boca do Acre

Accessing Boca do Acre, a natural step in our journey, is dependent on climatic conditions and local infrastructure. The ground route is 125 miles of terribly maintained dirt roads - a 5- to 10-hour trip. The air route - 25 minutes - depends on chartering a plane. Currently the airport in Boca do Acre is at a standstill, with no commercial flights in sight. By river, access is through Porto Acre (30 miles from Rio Branco by paved highway), on top of a four-hour boat trip down the river Acre. Check the desired options:

Arriving in Rio Branco:

  • I prefer to go immediately to Boca do Acre from the airport
  • I want to stay in Rio Branco for (number of days):
    - Hotel
    - Padrinho Sebastião Foundation
    - Colônia 5000
  • Passage from Rio Branco to Boca do Acre via:
    - taxi
    - bus
    - chartered flight
    - motorboat

Arriving in Boca do Acre

A small city in the interior of the Amazon, with active general commerce in basic goods, and few options for accomodations and food.

  • Reserve a room in the Hotel Floresta
  • I prefer other accomodations

From Boca do Acre to Céu do Mapiá:

The journey by boat depends on the level of water in the natural canal (igarapé), and can be made in four hours in a voadeira (aluminum motorboat) or 10 hours by a wooden canoa de rabeta (1750/2200lbs.), from January to June. From July to December, the trip takes a maximum of 2 hours by voadeira (on the Purus river), plus 4 hours by canoa de rabeta (on the Mapiá igarapé) or 12 hours by canoa de rabeta alone. While it is a stretch that demands close attention from the traveller, all the AMVCM drivers are qualified and careful. Check where appropriate:

Departure date from Céu do Mapiá:

  • I have my own transportation from Boca do Acre to Céu do Mapiá
  • I will have the Céu do Mapiá Express package (greeting / transportation and lodging from RioBranco / Mapiá / RioBranco)
  • I prefer to travel by:
    - voadeira
    - canoa de rabeta

Arriving at Céu do Mapiá

The principal center of the Mapiá / Inauini National Forest. The brotherhood is based in the Vila, with outposts along the igarapé up to 3 hours' distance. Besides the active religious life, we offer basic medical assistence (allopathic, homeopathic, and natural), subsistence agriculture (rice, beanse, corn and cassava) and pesticide-free horticulture, a general store, Embratel phone service, and an active social life, with educational and cooperative activities. Check where appropriate:

Planned duration of stay in the Vila (days):

  • I opt for the Garden of Nature package (room / board / activities)
  • I would like a spot in the Pousada (bed / indoor restroom / board)
  • I would like a room in the boarding house (bed or hammock / outdoor plumbing / board)
  • I would like a room in the 'barracks' (hammock / no food)
  • I have made arrangements to stay in the house of
  • I would like to stay with a family


  • I prefer accomodations with meals included
  • I will eat wherever I may be hosted, and contribute by helping out
  • I plan to buy essential grocercies at the local store and cook on my own


I prefer to plan my own day

- I have skills to contribute in the following area:

- I am interested in participating in:
- a class on medicinal plants
- harvests, agricultural and community activities
- Curing groups - instruction and practice
- spiritual retreats outside of the Village area
- art workshops
- spending time in other locales (outside the Village)

note: Some of these activities are dependent upon sign-ups. We suggest you choose more than one. Groups must have at least 10 people. Instructors, coordinators, and guides are qualified.

Here we list some options for you safety and comfort. It is important that, upon arriving at the Village, you proceed to the Reception Office of the AMVCM to register and receive information about your stay.

In Rio Branco:

  • Hotel: from 35 reais/person (incl. Continental breakfast)
  • Colônia 5000: 25 reais/person (incl. all meals)
  • Hostel: from 15 reais/person (with coffee)
  • Complete meals: from 5 reais Transportes:
  • Taxi: Downtown Rio Branco to Colônia 5000: 35 reais Rio Branco/Porto Acre: 60 reais Rio Branco/ Boca do Acre (4 passengers): from 150 reais
  • Airplane charter from Rio Branco to Boca do Acre (6 passengers): 600 reais
  • Bus fare from Rio Branco to Boca do Acre (departures at 6 AM and 2 PM): 18 reais
  • Cargo fees Rio Branco-Boca do Acre (1 ton): 350 reais
  • Voadeira fare (4 passengers): PortoAcre/Boca: 400 reais PortoAcre/Céu do Mapiá: 900 reais Boca/Farm: 200 reais Boca/Céu do Mapiá: 500 reais
  • Canoa de rabeta fare: Boca/Céu do Mapiá (6 passengers): 350 reais Cargo fees: Boca/Céu do Mapiá -- .35 reais per kilo

In Boca do Acre:

  • Hotel Floresta - couple/bed/coffee/fan: 30 reais - with air conditioning: 50 reais Hostel nightly: 10 reais
  • Complete meals: from 6 reais Breakfast: from 2 reais

Packages: With coordination it is possible to buy air tickets. It is easier for groups. For the passage Rio Branco/Boca do Acre/Céu do Mapiá we offer the package

  • Céu do Mapiá Express - (4 person minimum): airport reception in Rio Branco, transport to and lodging at the Padrinho Sebastião Foundation or Colônia 5000 (one night), taxi ride to Boca, lodging in the Hotel Floresta (w/meal), canoa de rabeta to Vila Céu do Mapiá: 800 reais Garden of Nature - lodging in the Nova Era Hostel/Vila Céu do Mapiá (4 person minimum/per week): lodging/complete meals/activities: 600 reais
  • Visit Cruzeiro do Sul and Céu do Juruá - leaving from Cruzeiro do Sul/Acre, including meals, transport and lodging in Cruzeiro do Sul/Ipixuna/Seringal [Rubber camp] Nova Adélia - suggested for July/August/February (Feitios and directed activities): 1,500 reais (person). Minimum of 10 people, two weeks' duration.
  • Throne of the Sun - leaving the Vila Céu do Mapiá, including transportation and complete meals. Strenuous journey to a remote region with little infrastructure - suggested for August (desova de tracajá) or February (w/ full river Inauini): 1,500 reais (person). Minimum 10 people, two weeks' duration.


  • Reception at the Rio Branco Airport: 40 reais (groups of 4)
  • Visiting Céu do Mapiá: voluntary contribution for the maintenace and improvement of the Vila and the Community -
  • Suggested weekly value: Fardados/associates of CEFLURIS in advance: 75 reais Fardados/associates delayed payment: 100 reais General visitors: 150 reais

Accomodations and other services:

The Community offers accomodations in Dorms and Family Homes. Below are some of the options. There are also spaces in family dwellings, subject to negotiation.

  • Pousada São Miguel: In the center of the Vila. First-class rooms. Complete bathrooms, recreation areas. Complete meals. Balanced menu. Daily: Couple with 3 meals + bed: 60 reais - Single with 3 meals + bed: 45 reais - Single, no meals: 15 reais -
  • Pousada 2000: Next to the Natural Garden. Strolls in the Forest, activities and services on request. Rooms with beds or hammocks. Possible use of the kitchen. Consult Reception for fees. -
  • Pousada Sun and Moon: In the Santa Isabel settlement, on the way to Paraíso. Coordinated by Lúcia Farias. Private room. Complete bath. Pay gas and use kitchen, or arrange meals. Daily: 10 reais. -
  • Pousada José Mota: In the area near the Church, on the bank of the Igarapé. Rooms with bed or hammock, kitchen available. Daily rate: 10 reais, without meals. . -
  • Pousada Brilhantina: In Paraíso. Rates and conditions to be arranged with Telma. -
  • Pousada Viva São João: Settlement São João/ Márcio Brandão, on the way to Vista Alegre (near the Forest Medicine Center and the Santa Casa). Rate without meals, single/hammock: 10 reais. - Residential - Leal: Rooms with bed in family home (Seu Manoel Paulo). Single rates: 15 reais without meals.
  • Residential - Demontier: Masonry house. Rooms with beds, complete baths. No meals. Kitchen access included. Electricity at night. Couples rate: 40 reais Food and Supplies -
  • General Store and Restaurant São José: Proprietor José Leal, general supplies, sodas, meat, chicken, eggs, fruit, etc. Plate of food with juice: 3.50 reais - Breakfast: 2.50 reais -
  • Restaurant and Store Taste of the Hummingbird: Proprietor Pedro Zacarias: general supplies, sodas, meat, chicken, farm eggs, local fruits, vegetables. Beef and chicken barbecues. -
  • Pizzaria of the São Miguel Hostel: Open daily, accepts orders. Large pizza: 12 reais / medium: 8 reais / small: 4 reais -
  • Nova Era Market: Proprietor Hamilton, general supplies, gas and propane, local fruits and greens, beef and chicken. -
  • Pão Nosso Bakery: Proprietor Vanja, bread, toast, sandwiches, sodas, pastries and snacks. Orders accepted. -
  • Homemade Bread: Made by Elizabeth, with barley flour, whole grain bread, home delivery. Orders accepted. -
  • Jungle Mart: Next door to the Santa Tereza Casa de Ofícios, proprietors Rodrigo/Rita, deli every afternoon and after Prayer: snacks, pizza, sandwiches, natural yogurt, granola, açai (fruit), cakes, pies, tea, sandwiches to go. Natural products vendor (cereals and whole wheat, honey, etc.). -
  • Deli and Bakery União 2000: Proprietor Antônio José, bread, breakfast, juices, smoothies, sanwiches in general. -
  • Deli and Restaurant São Miguel: Proprietor Francisco Leal, various sandwiches. Plate of food: 3.50 reais. -
  • Church Cafeteria: snacks and sweets, juices, sandwiches. Raw sugar, cane honey. Meal orders accepted. Open during breaks, after Trabalhos and daily from 11 AM to 1 PM and after the Prayer. Proceeds benefit the Church.

Other Hints and Information:

1. We advise you to contact our reception team in Rio Branco (for other options) and we request your immediate presentation at our reception area in the Hotel Floresta upon your arrival at Boca do Acre. Once in the Vila Céu do Mapiá, come sign in at the Reception Area to plan your stay.

2. The activities at Colônia 5000 depend on prior sign-up at the Foundation Padrinho Sebastião for best planning.

3. During the winter (January-June) the highway from Rio Branco to Boca presents great difficulties, but it always permits access. In the summer (July to December) it is the waterway conditions that are difficult (sand bars and tree trunks in the river bed), especially on the Acre river.

4. Equally difficult is the passage of the igarapé Mapiá during the summer. It is advisable to have available hammocks or sleeping bags and mosquito nets, as overnighting on riverside cabins is likely. Principal stops: Fazenda São Sebastião, Santo Antônio, Boa Esperança ou Cachoeira.

5. The Hotel Floresta/Boca do Acre offers few accomodations. In case they are needed as overnight alternatives, we can offer small hostels or shared houses.

6. We ask that travel arrangements (voadeira or canoa) for the passage Boca/Mapiá be made in advance because it facilitates the planning of trips and coordination of drivers. Each passenger has the right to 30 kg in cargo.

7. The Mapiá visitation package Garden of Nature offers accomodations (near the Garden of Nature), complete meals (in the facility) and an activity program in the Garden (a special area of instruction and preservation on the road between Vila and Rei Salomão). It is also possible to participate only in the planned activities in the Garden, like walks in the Forest, meditations, spiritual works, etc.

8. We offer 4 alternatives for lodging in Mapiá: Lodges (lights/bed/indoor bathroom/complete meals); Boarding houses (lights/bed or hammock/outhouse/meals optional) Quarters (hammock/outhouse/breakfast - in sheds or specially constructed areas); and Family Residences (terms to be discussed directly with owners). Make your reservations or arrangements in advance.

9. The Association's general store and other businesses in the Vila will be stocked with essential items (food and hygiene). Horticultural product fairs will be organized. The purchase of these products in Boca do Acre and their transport will add to their cost. Plan your shopping.

10. Various activities are organized to liven up the visitor's day, always coordinated by local instructors. Dates, activities, and coordinators will be arranged according to level of interest.

11. Bring an FM radio, as the Jagube station can be received in the community, and offers animated and updated programs.

12. To visit Céu do Juruá or the Throne of the Sun ask for more information.

Don't forget to bring: Hammock or sleeping bag / sheet / mosquito net / sandals, boots / sun hat / overcoat or umbrella / flashlight / mosquito repellent / first aid kit / snacks

Expect to hear from us soon!

Have a good trip!

Luís Fernando B.Nobre /
Reception Committee Vila Céu do Mapiá Residents' Association Communications Secretary - IDA/CEFLURIS

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