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Feitio Escola Juramidam em Mauá / 14-26 Nov


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with Pad. Alfredo, Pad. Alex and Madrinha Julia
Starting on the 14th there will be the gathering of Jagube, Rainha and firewood, as well as daily orações in the church or the Feitio House.
Friday, November 20:
Boca da Fornalha:  hinários of Chico Corrente and Nova Dimensão
Saturday, November 21:
Trabalho de Cura in the Church
Sunday, November 22:
Hinário of Mad. Julia 
Information and reservations: contact Rosa Guilhon
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 24-3387-2214
CEFLURG will realize it´s 4th Feitio Escola Juramidam in the Community Ceu da Montanha,headquarters of our Church, located in the Mantiqueira Mountain Range in Visconde de Mauá, RJ.
The Feitio Escola is an initiative of ICEFLU administrated by Pad. Alfredo to stimulate the union of our affiliates with the Mother Church and partnership with our sister Churches. The Feitio Escola works toward making good use of existing Reinados. supplying our affiliates and partners, as well as the production of a reserve to ensure our Sacramental Drink.  It is a School offered for one to deepen their understanding of the making of our Sacrament on both the material and spiritual levels.
The works will open on the 14th of November for local church members and volunteers with the gathering of Jagube, Rainha and firewood, and the organization of the Feitio House.
The works at the fornalha will be open starting on the 18th, with the initial prevision of extending until the 26th of November.  Pad. Alfredo, Pad. Alex Polari and Mad. Julia will be present.

Kindly make your reservations in advance.

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